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The A1 Transmission Repair Service staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!

I was amazed at the quality and expertise by the owner Tom and his mechanic. I took my Volvo into Transmission Only for repair after a blind search on the internet. Being from Chicago, I was very afraid that a shop in California would take short cuts and do a “make shift/band-aid” repair but this was not the case. I was very surprised to find a very clean repair facility with repair projects kept in an organized fashion across a clean work bench. Tom has excellent habits in paying attention to detail. He has exceptional knowledge and uses work space well to keep track of each minor piece. He went out of his way to take care of many minor aspects. The work on my car was quite involved but the cost was not bad in my case. I highly recommend you take your vehicle in for a checkup if you have any concerns. I live downtown, my vehicles are complex, I was surprised to find honesty and quality in the middle of Sacramento. Don’t waste your time in the suburbs of the Sacramento area. Invest a few minutes to see what they have to say. It may be quite worth the effort for you as well. Happy travels!
Sunny Dhillon from Sacramento, CA
After going to a competitor's shop for a torque converter noise, and getting a phone quote from another competitor to replace it, all it took was one trip to Transmission's Only. I left my car with Tom for three hours. I returned and it was not the torque converter or transmission, but an idler/tension pulley near the power steering. Go to Transmissions only first before going anywhere else. Tom will give you a no nonsense clear answer.
Craig Smith from Sacramento CA
I took my high mileage 2001 Expedition to Tom & Stacey because of the testimonials on their website. All the great things that these people say about Tom & Stacey are true! I had a trans leak and was fearful of having to rebuild the tranny. Tom said that the top bolts to the transfer case had backed out and it only needed to have the gasket replaced and torque down the bolts. He did this for a fraction of what a rebuild would cost and I am a happy man!I know I can trust Tom with my transmission problems!
Larry Bernstein from Sacramento, CA
HONEST & FRENDLY I highly recommend for trans work
christos emmanuel from 6308 hillsdale blvd . sacramento ca
I have an '06 Ford Explorer. I was having a service light come on, and my transmission was shifting hard. I took it to Ford Dealer to look at, they told me I needed a new temp sensor & trans case for $950. I was referred to Transmission Only from a friend and took my Ford there. They fixed a wiring harness that was getting wet from the a/c condensation. Dried it out, sealed, and diverted the condensation. Cost $140, problem solved! The people working there explained everything and only did what was necessary. Thank you TRANSMISSION ONLY!
Jim Callens from Folsom, CA
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